Ciao Alice!

2015.05.22. 11:56:47

With deep sorrow we have to inform you that Alice Magnani Italian athlete left us last night on May 20th, at age 22. She was victim of a car accident which did not allow her to escape. Alice Magnani was World Champion of Tamburello. She was playing in this year in the team of Sabbionara.

1st European Tamburello Open Championship

2014.09.03. 21:39:48

On the first European Open Tamburello Championship Italy got double victory. The participating national teams were: Italy, France, Spain, Catalunya, Hungary.

European Open Tamburello Cup 2014

2014.07.14. 15:34:51

Women: Alegra Settime European Open Champion Men: Monte European Open Champion

21st European Indoor Tamburello Cup Results

2014.02.12. 14:18:10

Florensac Tambourin (FRA) and ASDT Sabbionara (ITA) Won the 21st European Indoor Tamburello Cup.

21st European Indoor Tamburello Cup

2014.02.06. 9:05:59

The upcoming 21th edition of the European Cup Indoor Tamburello will be held 7, 8 and 9 February 2014 at Barcelona. The organizer team, INEF Barcelona has arranged two simultaneous courts where over fifty games will be played.

1 World Championship Tamburello Indoor

2014.02.06. 9:14:31

Italy teams won the 1st Tamburello Indoor World Championship