Game Types


Tamburello Open

Outdoor Tamburello is practiced on open-air grounds, with 2 teams of five players. The game-field is typically rectangular in shape (80 m x 20 m) and is divided into two halfes.

Tamburello Indoor

Indoor Tamburello was established in 1937 in Italy, and has become a popular sport to be played during the winter season. The game is adapted from Outdoor Tamburello. Due to the restricted space of the typical indoor facilities, the size of the court is much smaller than that used in Outdoor Tamburello. 

Indoor Tamburello is played with 2 teams of three players. The game-field is typically rectangular in shape (34m x 16 m) and is divided into two halves. One of the players opens the service (battuta). The service must travel over the service line drawn parallel (2 m to each side) to the middle line. The ball is then hit back and forth over the line, the side hitting it out of court or failing to return it losing a point.


Tambeach originated in Ragusa, Sicily Italy, with the first tournament held there over 30 years ago. Tambeach gradually spread from the coast of Ragusa to the neighbouring areas of Modica, Donnalucata, Pozzallo, Scoglitti and Caucana.

 In 1996, the F.I.P.T (Federazione Italiana Palla Tamburello) celebrated the centennial anniversary of tamburello, organising a tournament which included Outdoor Tamburello, Indoor Tamburello and Tambeach. It was here that Tambeach gained official acknowledgment and the rules and regulations of the game were officially established.

Tambeach is played on a rectangular, sand court. For singles the court is 24m X 7.5m and for doubles is 24m X 11m. The net is 2m 10cm high and bisects the court across its width. For doubles a central line bisects the court lengthways.


Tamburello a Muro